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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

RIP Monty Oum <3

So it not been a very productive couple of days.
On Monday I was catching up on sleep with plans to do stuff later. Then around dinner time, I found out the an animator from rooster teeth - an online community site that does things involving video games - had died. 
It was really strange, as I have been watching rooster teeth content for years and then to find out that one of my favourite members who had been involved in some of that content had died was heartbreaking. Some people may find it a bit weird that I was upset over someone that I didn't know, but Monty was such a nice guy, who seemed to genuinely care about the rooster teeth fans, and was also a creative genius. I'm not a big fan of anime, but the show that he created RWBY was one of my favourite series to watch. So I was extremely sad over the past couple of days, but know I want to try and help honour his memory, by improving my work ethic and be more positive and creative. From the stories the roosterteeth members told, Monty was one of the most creative and hard working guys they had ever met, and I'm really upset that he's gone. 


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