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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Presentations D:

Week 21


We were given the brief the third years' had previous. For this we had to write a PLP for it. The hardest part of this task was printing it out on A2 paper, since I was completely clueless on how the college printer worked. And so, in the end, I had 1 A4 sheet and 5 A2 sheets (I'm not sure how the 5 pages happened) so at least next time I need to print out on A2, I know to double check everything, and then double check again.

Pathways Project

So for our first of we had to show our presentations, which went better than expected. Before hand I knew exactly what I was going to say for each slide, and then when I stood up in front of everyone I forgot everything, so it was a good job I brought my notes up with me as a back up plan. I think to improve any future presentations would be to just practise over and over again, until I am extremely confident with my presentation.

So after everyone's presentations were finished, we were then given a new brief for the next part of the project. What we have to do is pick one of the briefs (How do you celebrate the ballpoint pen?; How can a strip of paper lead to the design of a functional object?; Can you turn someones name and address into a birthday card?; Roadwork or artwork? ) and then respond to it using each of the three pathways. It might be a little hard for me to do the applied design craft pathway.

Contextual Studies

We got our critical reviews back this week and I have some work to do on it but I have a week off, which I can use to finish this off. In my review I need to be a little more critical and be less opinionated.


For the fly I rolled red ink on the left, blue ink on the
right and a mixture in the middle. I wanted the red
to be on the left because the fly's eyes were red.
The bottom print is in the mixed purple colour, and
 is of a decaying nectarine.
This week in mono printing I had more of an idea of what to do so I used colour this time.
I drew a rib cage in blue and then took the negative. 
This print is of a crow in blue, and its negative.

These two images are of a rotting car, the one on the left is in the purple mix colour.
The print on the right was first outlined using red ink, and then shading in with blue. 

For our photo shop workshop, we had to draw line drawings by hand and scan then in so that we could learn to colour them in and add tone. I drew these in pencil first and then went over them in a black fine tip pen so the scanner could pick up the lines clearly, so I could see them when it got to using photo shop.

PS: I haven't been keeping up with my blog in weeks, but I promise that will make it part of my weekly routine to make a blog post. So I will definately see you next week. (I have no excuse seeing as I have a week of ;)  )  
Róisín - x

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