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Monday, 24 February 2014

Inky Textiles

Week 23


To begin with, we started with the PLPs we handed in last lesson for "The Emperor's New Clothes" brief, and added comments to each others PLP on how we thought they could improve. During this time our lecturer gave us feedback on our previous hand in on our work. Mines is a pass right now, but I think I could do better, so I will put in more effort in this part of the course to try and pull my grade up.
For next week we have to fill in a time plan for next week for our "brief", time is the factor that always lets me down in module, so it's good that I can see different methods of time planning.


I have chosen the "How do you celebrate the ballpoint pen?" for my warm up brief, so I started doing some research to give me ideas on where I could take the brief. I was thinking about looking at the inventor of the ballpoint pen, Laszlo Biro, and look at how to celebrate him. I did a drawing of him in pen, I really enjoyed doing this, as it seems to have been ages since I have sat down to put this much time and effort into drawing a portrait. Drawing people was how I got into art and how I was able to practise since I was young, so it felt good to go back to where I had started.

I also did some experiments looking t textiles as in this part of the course we need to look at all three pathways. After reading on the Bic webpage n how to remove ink stains, I cloured in part of some rags and broke the ink down using hairspray.


This week we were looking at collagraph prints, I turned up late and so didn't have much time to finish off in class but I finished them off at home.

In photoshop this week I went back to the illustrations we did last week and added colour to the car one. I used the mixer brush tool mostly and was able to gain experience in using it. For instance I found out that you can change the flow, load and mix of the brush so that you get the effect that you need. So the further along I went with the picture, the more I was able to get a smooth blend of colours. It's still not finished, but it should only take me an hour or so more to complete it now that I know what I'm doing.

Contextual Studies

Not much to say about this week, was off ill so we didn't have a class. I finished my final draft for my critical review and think it's okay, so I handed it into the staff room.

See you next week -
Róisín -x

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