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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Making Connections

So for this week were to draw a mind map about ourselves and our futures
Here's mine:

After this we were to stick all of our mind maps on the wall together and with string join up similar aspects about ourselves and where we want to go. 

It started off a bit hectic and disorganised but once we all got started it was easier to see different connections and similar ideas we all had. Something I found interesting about this task was that we were all given the exact same brief, information and time to complete this task, and yet our results were all different. Some people had stuck pictures onto theirs, some people had turned their mind map into a picture and others drew pictures on theirs. Some were organised - almost like a map of the London underground, where as some looked a bit more jumbled (mine). I think this gave us an insight into each others mind set and personality, for instance, I don't know how people can manage to make any mid map look neat and organised, as as soon as I start with a mind map, it becomes hectic, almost as if instead of a mind map, mine is more like a mind explosion.
It was also interesting to see the different ideas everyone had, and where they wanted to go and what were their life goals. There were a couple of people who wanted to live in a fancy house and go on holidays etc, and some had careers as their life goals, like costume design and police officer. I think this was the area that we had the least connections in. This task showed us that the vast majority of us want to go in completely different areas, except for teaching, which was an option that came up in multiple mind maps, although I think it is only one persons ultimate goal.
I liked this task as I feel that I got to know my classmates a little better than I would normally, as we usually don't talk about this kind of stuff. (It's mostly random crap and or tv shows.)

So that's all - until next time

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