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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Week 5

Creative Practise

We're still claying in our 3D class, :) hopefully I'll be finished with it next week and can continue on to the next step, fingers crossed.
What I started doing in my sketchbook was drawing some well known artists and dressing them up as neds.

I still need to finish these off, and I'm not sure how far I'll take this, but it's fun to play around with right now. Also my lecturer suggested I branch out and look at Edinburgh based writers and artists, which is still something I need to do.

I'm also going to make a page on the stereotypical neds of Scotland, and this is what I have so far.

 I was also looking at spray paint this week, and looking for different ways I could use it. So I made a stencil with my name on it, considering this is the most common form of graffiti - tagging.

 I also spray painted a couple of sketchbook pages, just to look at how the paint runs, blends, and what sort of effect the spray has.
In our film class this week's video is to be a profile of someone in our class, and how they produce their art. So the next day we drew names out of a hat, and I picked Amy :) My video isn't done yet, because we didn't have that much time to film, but I'll upload it next week ;)

Contextual Studies

This week we had a guest lecture by a student from Glasgow School of Art. She talked about gallery space that new artists use to promote their work. I thought the lecture was really interesting, as this has been something I have been thinking about doing, and this lecture showed me that it is possible to do in your home town, you just need to put the effort into it.

In other news I finally downloaded photoshop, and it only took about four months of thinking about doing it. I only downloaded it today, but got a chance to play around with it for a couple of hours. I realised that I was quite rusty to begin with but the more I drew with it, the more fluent I became with it. I'm sure I am no where near knowing how to do most things with photoshop, but I think I've got the basics pretty much covered, and hop I can be a little more advanced with it, as I am going to try and get at least an hour of practice with it each day.

So that's all folks - until next time

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