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Monday, 28 September 2015


So I haven't blogged as much as I planned to but I am going to blame some technical difficulties with blogger and the fact I was dying of the cold.

Any ways thought I would update you on the non-places situation.
My mini research sketchbook is almost done, I just want to take some more photographs to fill out the last few pages and then that's me.
What I've been working on the past few days is looking at the "Situationist International movement" and their work with psychogeography and dérive. With these theories (I'l let you google them yourself because I'm not sure I can explain them in one blog post... although heres the site I used: ) they edited maps.

What made me think of this was I was trying to map out my old school seeing as it had been knocked down meaning that I couldn't go take pictures of it for my sketchbook.

So what I've done is redrew what I can remember of my school and added in what some areas were to me and where we used to sit/stand

I also have another idea which I'm calling "bags in places" for now. With this I was looking at how when we used to sit or stand in certian areas, we would almost 'claim' them with our bags. I thought that if I displayed groups of bags in f=different areas it would make an interesting installation piece.

Anyway that's all I have right now so here is some more sketchbook spam :P

So I'll see ya next time
Róisín -

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