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Monday, 5 October 2015

Planning for Graduation

So our brief for our personal development planning (or creative futures as it's now know) is to write up a report on where we plan on going after we finish our degree. So it's important stuff.

Right now I'm still doing some research but I think the bulk of it is done now. I didn't think I would find it all that interesting however I have discovered some things tat I will definitely consider doing in future, which mostly includes volunteering abroad.
Here are a couple of them I looked at:

My plan is really to go into art therapy, but not immediately, for three reasons:
  1. I'm not sure if I want to go into the clinical, more theory based art therapy, or more practical art therapy
  2. I would need to get art therapy to go into this course anyway
  3. I want some life experience before diving into a career path
There are also other things I want to consider like opening, or being a part of local workshops in my community, which would mean getting experience of these before hand as there are none availabe right now and so I would need to open my own one. Also to get these experiences I would be better off learning to drive as I think this would be easier as some workshops would be out of the way and harder for me to attend via public transport.

That's all for now 
Róisín -x

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