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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Previous Weeks Summary

In creative concepts we were given a brief on fruit. In this we did analytical studies on fruit and their seeds. We also did mono-printing for this study. Part of the brief was to find our own research. I researched different mythology surrounding fruit, fruit's plant names and region of origin, sayings which included fruit, seed dispersal and anatomy.
The second part of the brief was to design our own fruit. I brainstormed ideas for habitat and came up with three.

In specialist skills we were given a brief which was transformation. After I brainstormed different examples of transformation, I decided to choose decay as my concept. I then looked at the definition of decay. So far I have researched different examples of urban decay and also the decay of vertebrate animals. Also I watched a BBC documentary - The Strange Science of Decay.
The first workshop in 3d we had was paper folding and etching. The second was slotting where we learnt how to use the band saw. For slotting I made a maggot out of hard cardboard.
The first workshop in 2d was silk paper making, the first piece I made was with different shades of green to create a moss effect. The second piece I used bright colours and then left to set on a plastic bottle so it dried 3d. The second workshop was on composition and we learnt about symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial composition. We then took our own photographs and then inverted the colours using photo shop to make them like photograms.

In PDP we have learnt about self esteem, confidence and study skills.

In Contextual Studies we are learning about art in the 1990's. We also had a guest lecturer who talked about branding.

In drawing we learnt about negative space and then drew from different areas around the college in our sketchbooks. We then drew from these sketches on A1 sheets.

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