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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ambitious Time Plan (October Week)

Week 7

So I had a week break from college :)  and so seeing as the hand in date for creative concepts is due in a couple of weeks I decided to mainly focus on this in the time I had spare.

At the beginning of the week I made a plan on what I was going to do with my time, and found that two days in I had already stopped following it, which means that I am either too ambitious in what I think I can do or I really need to stick to my guns and be more strict with myself. In all honesty it's probably a mixture of both.

Since there is a sort of mid module assessment for PDP to see if we are organising our things correctly, I made sure I had all the briefs that were handed out in class complete and in order in my folder.

For creative concepts I did some research into world records involving fruit (including the largest gathering of people dressed as strawberries), uses of fruit and other research. I also did some analytical studies of fruit in acrylic in my sketchbook.
Also, using a marble and different layers of black and blue spray paint, I tried to recreate a seed for my Mars fruit.
Using air drying clay, I made a prototype of my dead sea fruit and I am hoping to create moulds from it so I can make one out of plaster.

We also have an assessment for space drawing next week, so I sorted out all my big drawings and gave them one last spray so they were ready to go. I then filled in some more pages of my sketchbook.

See you next Sunday

Roisin -x

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