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Monday, 14 October 2013

Some Negative Space Drawings

Week 6


At the start of the lesson we looked at the assessment criteria that our work will be graded by. I found this helpful as it gave me more of an idea of what those that will be assessing my work will be looking for. We then looked at the "C.R.E.A.M." strategy for leaning. This stands for: Creative; Reflective; Effective; Active ; Motivated. After this we were then to write down our short, medium and long term goals and how to achieve them, to help with the last strategy - motivation. I found it easy to write down my long term goals, as I have always been able to look ahead and plan where I am going, but the more short term the goals, the harder I found it to write about my goals.
This is the corridor to the learning hub. I began with trying
 the get the dimensions right and then started to experiment
with the light and shadows in the corridor.


This was the last week of drawing focused around negative space and I completed two, one of the staircase leading up to the library and the other of a corridor leading to one of the hubs.

I experimented with the use of block colour and really liked the effect it gave. I wasn't used to this style of drawing and was a little out of my comfort zone, as I am used to drawing more literally, but I had fun with it and was able to express myself more.

This is the staircase to the library, I began with drawing the outline
of all the elements of the picture and then I filled in the outline of the
left side of the stairs, and then began to fill in the rest.

Specialist Skills

This was the first one I did, using two circular pieces of wood and
different layers of mesh. This was based on the eyes of a fly.
Our third workshop in 3d was Vacuum Forming, which is when you create an 3d image using different objects (e.g. wood, leaves and mesh) and then soften  a sheet of plastic using a vac. former and stretch this over your objects. Once the objects are removed, the impression is left and you can then make plaster moulds. I made two:

The second one was based loosely on the
grim reaper's scythe. I used natural materials
that I found outside.

I don't think the first one worked very well, but I like the second one I did, as I think there is a lot more elements in the piece to make it more interesting.

Creative Concepts

I filled in more pages of my sketchbook with sketches of possibilities of what my fruit and plant will look like. I then started to think about what my seed would look like. I looked at existing seeds from fruits for inspiration and ideas. For the Mars fruit i thought that it could look like a precious stone, which is when I decided that the Mars fruit would be used for  research and also the seed is a decorative (albeit very expensive) gem like object. The fruit itself can also be used for pigment, but considering its shipping method, and cost probably not the most economic product. I decided that there would be no use for my fruit that grows in the dead sea, due to the fact that it is almost impossible to harvest as it immediately starts to disintegrate as soon as it's ripe.

My fruit all have names now, after a lot of research, I finally came up with some I like:
Mars Fruit - Eros. Son of the god Mars, he is the God of love. (Was originally going to go for the god of victory until I found out the name was Nike, which is apparently already a well known brand.)
Cordycep Fruit - Spera Mortis. Sphere of death in Latin.
Dead Sea Fruit - Zoara. (Botanical name, Poma Zoara - fruit of Zoara) It comes from an ancient city in the Bible which is thought to be situated near the Dead Sea.

Contextual Studies

Our lecture was on taste and we each had to think of our own personal example of bad taste (mine being the movie and book franchise Twilight, seeing as nothing much happens and everyone still goes crazy over it).
The lecture was on interpretation and recuperation, and how certain images and art find their way into mainstream.

See you again on Sunday (if I'm not late again)

Roisin -x

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