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Friday, 9 January 2015


So it's officially panic week and I had so much to do Arggh!
Firstly I had to finish off some stuff for PDP including printing and binding my report. And once that was shipped off to my lecturer I then had to finish off my stuff for the brief.
This included printing off lots and lots of photos for my sketchbook and to be put on display, annotation,  the joy that is the statement of assessment, annotation, sticking up my photos on mounting board, annotation, some quick drawings and annotation. Phew!! 
And then once that was all done I had a presentation!!! Yaaaaaaaay! Mine was on the impact that album covers had in the 60s and 70s and the impact (or lack there of) that they have now. It's only half the length of our usual but still, stress seems to be in a bit of an abundance right now. It was right after I had rushed to get my multiples things done, so when I got into class I was a bit hyper and nervous, but by the time it was my turn I had gottent the chance to compose myself and only stumbled once ! 
Now  onto the essay!!

So now here we are, Friday night and I can breath a huge sigh of relief, and then it's off to work tomorrow and Sunday. 
I'm really looking forward to Monday as I have no plans and can just have a pyjama day, snooze and watch Game of Thrones. 😃 

See you next time :)

Róisín -x

Ps: I will try to blog more, I promise. ;)

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