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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


So it's the first day back and the start of two new briefs! I'm feeling really motivated right now, so I hope I can really throw myself into these projects and get a decent grade. 

With the who am I brief, I thought of looking at the balance between my spirituality and the slight guilt that I feel from abandoning my upbringing, for the "where am I going part". In class I mostly just did a brainstorm of ideas and had a wee catch up with my classmates ;)

So our timetable is now divided up between PDP, contextual studies, integrated project (the who am I brief) and applied practice. When I first saw that we had applied practice, I wasn't sure if that would be workshops along side the integrated project, general workshops, or a different thing entirely. And as it turns out, it is a different thing entirely and we got a new brief with it. This brief is "Protest" and am actually quite excited about it as I love some protest art like Yoko Ono and Ai Weiwei. For this we have to pick something we can protest or rant about, and am currently thinking of looking at war/ conflict and the number of pointless deaths, and the careless cost of life. I am thinking of looking at some songs like "the band played waltzing Matilda" and "the green fields of France" by Eric Bogle and maybe look at anti-poetry like Dulce et Decorum Est. 

Anyways, we were given some class time to discuss with our classmates and make mind maps about our ideas. 

I think this was a good way to get a our minds to think about stuff that matters to us. For example at the start I couldn't really think of many things that I cared enough about that I could concentrate a whole project on, but now I am aware of a whole load of stuff that I could discuss. But I am fairly certain that I will stick to war since it means so much to me, and always has, for instance I wrote one of my standard grade essays on the Iraq war. So yeah I think I might look more at that. 

So to some up I am mega motivated and plan to keep being this positive, and I am going to stick to my epic plan of action I mentioned in my last post. 

Now I am off to Hobbeycraft to buy some sketchbooks and listen to some anti-war songs. 

Until next time
Róisín- x

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