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Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Musical Logo

Week 25

On Monday morning I woke up with a headache and was quite dizzy, so I decided to give college a miss, and then if I felt better I could work on some stuff at home. I missed doing the presentations in PDP but I found out later that other people didn't get a chance to do them, so we will be doing them next week.
At home I  did some stuff for the ballpoint pen, since that was the other class I missed that day.

Pathways Project

For my textile idea, I was thinking of making a book that illustrated the story of the ballpoint pen, starting with Biro being inspired by newspaper ink and then continuing on to the creator of Bic.
I also used pens to create some contemporary art pieces. I used the outside of the pen and broke it into pieces by wrapping some in a towel and smashing them with a hammer, I then drew out a portrait of Laszlo Biro, which highlighted the shadows, and glued in the pieces into the places where the shadows were. PVA glue wasn't strong enough to hold the pen pieces onto the sketchbook paper, so I had to use contact adhesive.
I also had worked on a digital version of the portrait of Biro, which accented the shadows, I then added colour to this version. Using the skills I had learnt from my Friday class in Photoshop, I duplicated the image onto two layers, and then changed the mode of the top layer to get different effects.


On Tuesday we learnt different ways to make canvases. We were taught how to make traditional canvases from scratch and were given the opportunity to make them for ourselves. We were also given use of different ways to prime the canvas, using: gesso, size, canvas primer, glue and glue with sand and sugar for texture. I used some wooden boards and stretched canvas over them and used different primers. I also had two boards with more texture, so I used gesso on one, and glue to let some of the colour shine through on the other. On another wooden board I had I put sugar and sand on for some texture and covered this in glue to prime it.
For our Friday lesson we were doing more stuff with illustrator. In this we were learning how to make different shapes using the shape and shape builder tools and how to align them on the screen. We started off by making a magnifying glass, we first made the guides visible so that they crossed over in the middle. We then used this cross to make two circles for the brim. Using the rounded rectangle tool, we drew in the handle and joined all these shapes using the shape builder tool, so that they formed one shape. By over lapping two circle, so a crescent moon shape was made and then holding the alt key and using the shape builder tool, so that it is on erase rather than merge, erasing the circles so that the moon shape was left. This was to be where the light was hitting the magnifying glass to make it look more realistic. We were then taught how to make patterns using this image.
For the pattern I drew some hexagons and used the shape builder tool so that they formed one shape.

We were then left to make our own logo using the skills we had just been taught.
I made the music note and then made a pattern using it, I made it into the shape of a music stave and used the shape builder tool so that it formed one shape. I then built up multiple music notes and made some of them overlap by changing what order they appeared on the screen. I then made a pattern using these and used the same process as the magnifying glass, only I changed the border to make it more interesting.

Contextual Studies

This week we got feedback for our critical review. In my review I was not critical enough and wrote more like I should in an essay rather than in a critical review. I was also spoke too much of my opinions for a critical review. I wasn't really surprised by my feedback, and was just glad I passed. I feel more confident about writing my essay, as in this I will be able to express my opinions more.

See you next week Róisín -x

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