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Monday, 17 March 2014

Bonus Post

Week 27 - Monday


So I finally did the presentation that was meant to be done two weeks ago, and since it was two weeks ago, I had completely forgotten everything about it (including its existence until that morning). I still think it went well though, I mostly just explained everything that I put on the screen, but still talking in front of people is still kind of difficult, as when I stand up, I immediately over think everything and become self conscious. Maybe one day I will be completely confident and comfortable in front of people, but I don't think it's happening any time soon. 


So for pathways I began doing my initial research into bookmaking, I feel that right now this is where my ideas are quite lacking. I have a few after I looked at the "Rebound", which had some bookmaking examples in it. There was a photo album type book I was thinking of looking at further, I also had an idea of doing a map type book.
I liked some of this artists work that i found whilst researching in the library:

Using excell, I also made up a time plan, that I have promised myself that I am going to stick to, before every hand in I am always rushing but I swear I won't let it happen again.

To make sure I'm not rushing, I made the time plan for two weeks in advanced, just in case there are any hiccups along the way.

Look at me, I'm getting better at this blogging thing, I actually remembered to do it hurray!!
Until next time -
Róisín -x

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