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Sunday, 16 March 2014

A New Journey

Week 26


So this week was our hand in so there was a bit of last minute rush once again to try and make sure everything was annotate and clear. I printed off some fonts to use them for a typography drawing, which was a drawing of a hand holding a pen, which initials written in it in different handwriting. I then made this into a tile to form a pattern so that the image was repeated 60 times as my concept was that there were 57 initials in the hand, to represent the 57 sales a second Bic has of pens every second, this meant that the image repeated 60 time formed a minute.
 I also flipped some of the tiles for a second image to make it more interesting.

After the hand in, we were given a quick introduction to our new brief. Our new brief is to make a book, following the theme of 'Journey'. I came up with an idea for this almost immediately for the theme of journey, which is following the journeys my Grandad made when he immigrated form Ireland to Scotland. I say journeys because I don't want to focus on the physical journey he made, but also the other journeys he made, like learning how to read and write when he made it to Scotland, meeting my Grandma and starting a family, moving from a place where you had to be mostly self sufficient, to an industrial area, and also growing up without his mum, who died when he was three.


We did some painting this week on the canvases we made last week, the images were to be more abstract representations to experiment with using different brushes and different canvases.
i did two paintings, one form part of an image of an eye, I experimented with using a pallet knife, which is something I never really used before, and was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed it, as I usually work with more intricate work (not too intricate, but i usually try to make it quite detailed and realistic looking.) I think the reason I enjoyed it so much, was that I found it to be quite textured and expressive. 
The other one that I did was on the textured board, I used greens and yellows and after I found it to look like mould, and so since my theme is decay, I went with it and then painted an orange-brown line based on plasmodium slime mould (mould that rots wood and trees)
For our Friday lesson, we were to do some work on our own on the computer, so I worked on adding colour to my illustration of the car. This now takes ages to save, which is because my image has so many layers, so I think that the next chance I get I will merge some of the layers.

Contextual Studies

We have a presentation coming up in a couple of weeks, so we had a presentation from our lecturer on Pecha Kucha, a Japanese form of presentation, which is what we were recommended to do. This format is 20 slides, that each last 20 seconds, I'm still not 100% confident with presentations, but I am slightly looking forward to getting to use this format which I have never used before.

See you next week - Róisín -x

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