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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Busy busy busy

Week 37

In PDP this week, we looked at the statement for assessment and what we should write in them. In groups of three/four we had to discuss what we thought should go in to each section. Here is the sheets my group presented. 


In pathways this week I was looking at Celtic designs and mythology, since both Scotland and Ireland have a very strong connection to this period. I specifically looked at designs for bulls and cattle, because when my grandad was young he worked on a farm, and was also chased by a bull in this farm.

I was in Berwick at the weekend, and during this I went down to the beach. I took some photographs that I could use for my project, because I was looking at the sea. I also collected some shells trip see if I could also use them. 


Just a couple pages to go in the sketchbook, and apart for the final piece, that should be it all finished. For my main final piece, I wanted to do an acrylic painting on decayed wood. So first of all I used sand paper to scratch some of the wood off, and I also sanded off one of the corners. I then burned some of the wood, I started with the blow torch but it wasn't strong enough for what I wanted. So I had to set up a small fire in our barbecue to burn the edges.

I then sealed the wood using watered down glue to try and protect the burnt and cracked parts.

I have began my painting for my final piece, which should hopefully be finished by next week.

I also submitted my essay proposal, which is to write an essay on Hitler's motives for putting on the degenerate art show, and whether this worked.

So this means that I am working on stuff for three deadlines, and since I was on holiday on the weekend, it looks like I have a busy few weeks ahead of me. However, I did manage to take photographs of the coast, which I am thinking about maybe editing them on photoshop, and using them for pathways.

See you next time -
Róisín -x

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