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Monday, 12 May 2014

Transformation Complete!!

Week 38

So I finally finished my final piece for Transformation:

 For the class in Friday, I used the image of my final piece, and edited it using photoshop:

I also tidied up a few of the pages in my sketchbook, and added in the final piece and the edits I did in photoshop and added in some annotation, finished my statement for assessment, and it is all ready for the hand in. Phew! :)
I am quite happy with how my project turned out, although I think I could have done some more experimentation with some of the other workshops that I did. However, I think that the areas that I did experiment with, like image transfer and photoshop for example, turned out really well, and I also enjoyed them and consider using them in other projects. I think was the point of this brief, to try out areas of art that I have never done before, and to make discoveries of my own, which I have done, and really enjoyed doing.


I got some images of Falkirk and Ireland from the relevant time periods to maybe use for my project, however, I think I will stick to just using my own.
I made up a plan on how I am going to do my final piece for this project. This was really complicated, as I was trying to get it into the shape of a Celtic cross, and also incorporate the the overlaps in the story. But I managed it in the end and think that it will turn out quite well. I also made a maquette of how I am going to bind the book.
I also edited some photographs in photoshop.

Contextual Studies

I made a start to my essay and is so far going quite well I am mostly using the information I used for my presentation so I won't need to do much more research.

See you soon - Róisín-x

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