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Sunday, 18 May 2014


Week 39

Hand in!!! wooh!!
So that's transformation done and dusted :) I can now concentrate on getting the other subjects done.
1 down 3 to go


We had time to make a statement for assessment for our pathways project, so that we could go over them in class next week to find out how they could be improved.


After last week of working out how I was going make and organise my book, this week I worked on what was actually going into the pages by brainstorming some ideas in my sketchbook.
I also did a few more experiments with salt, ink, and I also did some experiments with collage of maps and added in ink.
Using the photographs I took of the coast, I edited them in photoshop:

I was thinking about using them in the page where I illustrate the physical journey of immigration. I wanted it to seem as if my granddad didn't know what to expect of Scotland, as he had never been before. So I distorted the images and I think I will cover them in a layer of salt to further distort them.

Contextual Studies

So I got my essay and presentation feedback. I have got a few things to do for my redraft, but nothing too excessive. I did really well on my presentation, I got a 1A :) which I was really surprised by, because I'm usually bad with presentations. So I think in future I need to worry less about them as I can actually do them, I just get really nervous. It's not even worrying about speaking in front of people, I always worry about the content of my presentation.

See you soon - Róisín-x

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