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Monday, 26 May 2014

Last week of everything D:

Week 40

We went over our statement for assessment and my lecturer gave me some tips on how mine could be improved, like adding in some images and references. I don't have much to do, but it needs to be finished for next week, as I have a hand in for PDP and pathways.


So I started the making of the book, and have to be very precise in the cutting, which I am not used to. I am usually more rough with my work, whereas now I had to be exact, otherwise the pages won't fit with each other. I also need to catch up on my annotation, which I have left till the last minute again. I have been doing little bits throughout the project, but still not enough.
I just have a couple of more pages to go and a few tidy ups and that will be me done. I can't wait until everything is done, so I can enjoy my summer and also tidy my room.

Contextual Studies

Our lecturer went over our essays with us individually, and I have more to do than I thought, but I think I should still be okay. I just need to talk a bit more about the degenerate art show as a propaganda tool, rather than the assumption on Hitler's hatred of art.

Sorry I've not had much time to take photographs this week, but I will upload the final book next week.

See you soon (when I'm all finished :D) - Róisín-x

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