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Monday, 15 August 2016

And the consistent blogging begins

So my plan is to update every week from now on, I'm trying to be more organised and consistent throughout all of my social media type accounts to give me at least some sort of online presence. I have started to update my instagram more regularly now and seem to be in a bit of a routine with it now.

Summer has been far more busy than I had anticipated. I've barely had a moment to myself since I started college, and even when I didn't have anything on - I still had to redo my room and gut out three years worth of crap.

However a couple of weeks ago I did help out at a summer school ran by my college. This was an amazing experience and has given me a great boost in my confidence in my abilities. It also helped me to fully establish that this type of work is something that I definitely want to do in the future.

I've also began doing some basic research into what I want to do for fourth year but this hasn't really fully taken off and I've just been doing bits and pieces (although I did buy a lever arch folder and dividers so I feel more prepared). I'm hoping to really get started with this over the next couple of weeks so I have more of a fully flourished idea of what I want to do by the time I start uni.

In terms of practical work I haven't done much, it's really only been a couple of drawings. One of which is a tattoo design I'm thinking about and another was mostly for fun/ am planning on trying out a cyanotype material piece with.

So that's all I have for the past few weeks, 

Róisín -x

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