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Monday, 9 November 2015

Chapter 1 - The Inspiration

So the first part of this process was the inspiration for my final piece. It began when really I didn't now what I was doing, my initial idea was to look at where teenagers hang about with friends ect. What I did was map out what I remembered my school being from memory and labelling the areas that we spent our time in.

This reminded me of an exercise I did in another class last year:

In this class we were given a map of the college and we were to change it however we wanted to. The lesson itself was inspired by the Situationist International organisation and their theory of dérive and psychgeography.

So after this I began looking at different maps and how I could make or draw them.

I also began looking for official maps that I could use or edit in some way. I found one of a non-place that I had looked at in some of my work because I was looking at where teenagers spend their time, and this is a common place in my local area for teenagers to go drinking in.

And so next came the idea - tune in next time to find out what that idea was :P

Róisín -x

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