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Monday, 16 November 2015

New Brief!!

So this week began with the daunting prospect of a new brief. I've always hated starting a new brief as initially I'm not quite used to how slow paced it is as the previous few weeks have been fast paced and panicked. And to make matters worse this week, we had 3 new briefs to choose form. These were "Design a New Punctuation Mark" "Newspeak" and "Internal Ephemeral". So what I'm going to do now is talk a little bit about my initial response to each brief and what one I think I am going to go for.

Punctuation Mark -
So I more or less wrote this one off right from the very beginning. It just didn't appeal to me in the slightest and even when I tried to force myself to think of things to do with it I only really came up with looking into how I use emojis when texting. For instance if I'm joking in the text in will usually put a little :P face to show this. But that was pretty much it and nothing else happened with it and so I just let that brief be.

Newspeak -
This is a concept that comes from George Orwell's '1984'. From what I looked into this did seem interesting, as I am interested in things to do with censorship etc. After doing a bit of research I saw that in the book there were terms 'goodsex' and 'sexcrime', this concept would probably be an idea that I could do the most with as 'goodsex' is a term given to sex that is between a heterosexual couple for the sole purpose of producing children, everything else is 'sexcrime'. Also during 'goodsex' the women should not experience any pleasure on any part of her body. So I felt that this is what I could do the most with within this as there are a lot of issues that I could bring up with this as this involves the LGBT group rights, very extreme Christian groups and also women's rights.

Internal Ephemeral -
So this is the brief that I feel that I could do the most with. When I did a couple of brainstorming pages with this brief I kept coming up with different ideas and different thought processes. I looked at things that I did everyday or things that I did often, and so this brought out two ideas which were writing down the things that I thought of when I was on the train and then using my ticket for that day as part of the piece and documenting my thought process when I'm choosing a t-shirt to wear in the morning. This was because I really do like wearing different style t-shirts and I pretty much collect them by this point and I also thought that a way to document this was to print my thoughts on a t-shirt or multiple t-shirts. The t-shirt idea also made me think of what things that I collect, which are like t-shirts, postcards/postcard sized prints, train tickets, mugs and playing cards and thought of what I can do with these ideas. The only idea that came of this was that I though of writing postcards to people, and I thought I could write postcards to my gran, but this might be a bit depressing and heavy for me. After researching other things I read a statement that "happiness is ephemeral" and I only really half agree with this, as I do think that it is true, but I also think that all emotion is ephemeral, and I thought I could investigate how we are always trying to 'achieve happiness'.

So if it wasn't obvious I think that I'm going for Internal Ephemeral I'm just not sure where I'm taking it. So these are the pages of ideas I have so far.

So I'll update you next week with what idea I have decided to go for,
Róisín -x

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