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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chapter 3 - The Box

So after my maquette didn't work I had the idea of making my piece more interactive. So I then set about the design and began to thin about how it would look.

I realised that if I wanted it to be interactive I would need to have some sort of storage for my slides to be displayed on and so tat people could easily put them back so that the slides themselves could be rearranged. I also changed my earlier design of the box so that instead of sliding the slides into the top of the box, you could slide them into the side to make them more easily accessible to more people.

For the storage for the slides I decided to go with a shelf as I thought that this would be the easiest and quickest to make. This also makes the slides displayed more openly so that the viewer can look through them and remove and put in slides more easily.

The box construction wasn't overly complicated as I used a bought photo frame from Matalan (£5) as the face of the box and added on an extension using timber that my dad had in the shed. The slots for the slides were made from dowling and gave room for 5 slides so that there was an adequate number of slides that could be viewed at the one time and the box wasn't too bulky. I also had to add a sort of floor to the bottom of the inside so that the slides were centred. 

Stay tuned for next time when I will talk about how I made the slides for the box :)
Róisín -x

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