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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Inspiration of the Week - The Situationists

So today's post is going to be slightly different as I am not looking at a specific project or artist but more looking into a theory and a movement.

The Situationists, or the The Situationist International was a European organisation who stood for social revolution, this group included artists, theorists and other intellectuals.

The reason that I am looking into this group is that they created a theory know as dérive or 'drifting' which is  part of psychogeography. This theory looks at how we explore our environment without much planning or thinking, you rather go where your mind takes you. I think that this could be an interesting aspect to add to my work as I was thinking of going out into places and leaving my 'mark' and I could use this as an inspiration on how to go about it.

In my non-place project I did look into this but didn't really do much with it as it more or less just opened the door into mapping and how people look at the places (or so-called non-places) around them.

These theories have also influenced apps called Dérive and Drift, with the latter also being available card based.

NB - all photographs here have been taken from these sites

I do not own any of the pictures on this post.

That's all for now, next post will be an update so stay tuned!
Róisín -x

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