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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Investigatory Walk 1

Date: 24/02/2016
Where: Local parks and walk along canal
Duration: 1hour 30minutes

The reason for this walk was to mainly take photographs of marks and in general to get an idea of what sort of marks I would be able to find and what the side of the canal looked like and what marks were there.

So this trip was done whilst taking my dog for a walk so it started off with my local park to give Jess time to go to the toilet and then take her on a long walk. The areas that I walked along were areas I already knew and I had a vague idea of what kind of marks I would find etc. At the beginning of the trip I got the idea of paying particular attention to taking photographs of blue marks that were left behind as part of my social media research told me that pictures that have blue objects in the composition get more hits. I aimed to investigate areas I thought would have better/ more marks to take photos and then circle back around a small canal and go home.

Success of the Trip
I think this trip did go quite well as I did get a good bank of photographs and some film clips of the canal, this trip also solidified the ideas I had of what marks I could find and how I could use them and gave me extra confidence that I would be able to continue with my project successfully.

Additional Notes
·         Timing wasn't great as both the high school and primary schools were finishing and so areas were busy
·         Not a great idea to take Jess with me, especially if there will be water involved

·         Mucky areas can be slippy

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