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Friday, 4 March 2016

Investigatory Walks Begin

Heyy, so this week I have began proper developments and we finally have a little bit more of an exciting blog post heres :D

This week I have done some more research into remembrance and other things, however this is me sort of at the end of the research stage so I'll only really be doing bits and pieces now and then.

So I went on my first Investigatory Walk to try and sort of get a taste for what sort of marks I could expect to find and also follow the banks of a burn to look into my Narcissus idea. What I have decided to do is to write reports on each walk and then publish them on here, so stay tuned for that :P

Here's how my "Instagram inspired kinda" photos turned out, I think this does sort of work well as a sort of piece however I don't think that I will be taking this idea much further as I am straying a bit further away from looking at social media:

However also in the same topic of social media I have started my Instagram account where I am going to be publishing photos of my work and also try and get them noticed by sticking to the "rules" of trying to get noticed online.

Another thing that I have done this week is start my survey in which I asked people how they wanted to be remembered, the reason for this is I had a plan to go on a walk leaving the answers behind although I am still planning on doing this, I am thinking of making this project a little more personal. 
Here's a link anyway if you want to answer it, I did find people's answers to be quite interesting:

 I've been thinking a bit more about how to display my work and thinking a bit more about my exhibition. After talking with my lecturer I am planning on looking a bit more into cataloguing and making my own catalogue of objects that I have found on my walks. So I think that will be the plan for the rest of the week.

Bonus Sketchbook page :P 

So that's all for now,
see you next time :)
Róisín -x

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